Welcome to Washington State University's Certificate Program in Food Science

The Certificate of Proficiency in Food Science offers five courses, each providing their own certificate of completion. The full Certificate of Proficiency in Food Science Certificate can be earned through successful completion of each of the five courses. Each course lasts approximately nine weeks, and are entirely online. There are weekly units, reading assignments, and live chats. The courses need not be taken in a particular order.

The courses are taught using an online program, which you can access 24/7 anywhere you have Internet access. All five courses can be taken in a one-year period if desired.

Course fees are $535 each* or $2,675 for the entire program.

*FSPCA has very specific requirements in order to obtain the certification from FSPCA and AFDO (Association of Food and Drug Officials). Either the student must attend a 20 hour face-to-face course or there is a blended version. FS 101 follows the Blended version which allows the student to spend 8-12 hours in an online self-paced learning platform with materials developed by FSPCA – There is an additional fee ($198) for this material that is paid directly to FSPCA. Then the student must spend another 10 hours with an instructor (included in the $535 enrollment fee). With special exemption we are allowed to provide the face-to-face time via Zoom so everyone does not necessarily have to be in the same room.

This means that in order to get the FSPCA/AFDO certification, a student must pay the additional fee for the online curriculum, attend the zoom sessions, and then at the end there will be an additional fee ($50) to obtain the certificate. All students will receive the WSU certificate (included in the $535 enrollment fee) upon completion. Students who do not wish to obtain the FSPCA certificate are not required to pay the additional fees ($198 part 1 enrollment fee and $50 FSPCA certificate fee) or attend the online chat sessions. Students will receive the WSU certificate upon completion of all coursework.